UPnP security exploit: Filet-o-Firewall

There is a security exploit to be aware of when using UPnP. If a browser is configured to run JavaScript, it is susceptible to the Filet-o-Firewall attack. This attack will force the browser to make UPnP requests to the firewall or NG Firewall, exposing the network to attack. Even when using Secure Mode, this attack will still work as these port forwards are being requested on the client side. The only way this attack works is for a user to visit a website that hosts the JavaScript code while UPnP is enabled. The best security against this attack is to not use UPnP. If using UPnP, make sure to not visit websites whose links were provided by an unknown user.


For more details on this attack, please refer to this article: https://threatpost.com/upnp-trouble-puts-devices-behind-firewall-at-risk/114493/

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