How to sign into your account

Many users have the desire to log into their support account in order to view their tickets. This is not the desired format for viewing them, as you will see below. 

Please note that your account is not your ETM Dashboard or NGFW GUI login account; it is a separate account only used to access & view Support tickets. As long as you have an email chain for your Support ticket, you already have all the information you could get through; there's no special functionality or extra details available there and it is not required to use this site at all.

NOTE: We use Zendesk as our ticketing system. Arista Edge Threat Management does not own or manage this tool and cannot troubleshoot it in any way. Any issues that you have with the following steps should be directed towards Zendesk support:


If you have never sent in an email to ETM Support nor created an account, click Sign up:



If you have sent in an email, an account was created for you and you will need to reset your password:



You will then see this:


Enter your email address that you used when creating a ticket and you will be sent to this:




Once you receive the email with the password reset link, copy and paste that into a browser and you will be taken to this page:



After setting your password, you can now login. 

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