Setting up your ETM Dashboard account (Europe)


Arista ETM Dashboard provides a European data center, which is based in Germany. All data resides within the European data center, and uses European sub processors. European ETM Dashboard does not use a US hosting vendor: it is hosted by a German hosting provider.

End-User License Agreement & Data Protection Agreement

Using Arista Edge Threat Management products requires any user to agree to Arista Edge Threat Management's End User License Agreement, which is here:
Section 15 in the EULA is Data Protection and has a link to the Data Protection  Addendum, which is here:

The terms in both the EULA and Data Protection Addendum apply to any user using NG Firewall with the European ETM Dashboard.

Account Setup

To use the European ETM Dashboard, your account must be created through the European version located at Accounts are not automatically transferred between the US and EU instances of ETM Dashboard.

To be used with the European ETM Dashboard, an NG Firewall instance must be running the EU version of NG Firewall. This can be downloaded directly from European ETM Dashboard via the Get Started link in the top right-hand corner:


Software downloads from the European ETM Dashboard can only be connected with the European ETM Dashboard and vice versa. NG Firewall software downloaded from the US version of ETM Dashboard is not compatible with the European ETM Dashboard.


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