Managing appliances in ETM Dashboard


ETM Dashboard is a cloud-based service for managing your Edge Threat Management appliances. For example, you can perform the following appliance management tasks using ETM Dashboard:

  • See the status of all your deployments in a single dashboard view.
  • Remotely connect to your appliances without logging in.
  • Push shared configuration profiles to multiple appliances.
  • Backup and restore configuration.
  • Apply or transfer a license subscription.
  • Set up notifications to your email, Untangle Go mobile app, Slack, PagerDuty, or VictorOps accounts.
  • Review consolidated alerts and reports.



To use ETM Dashboard with your Edge Threat Management deployments you must meet the following requirements:

  • NG Firewall version 12.2 or higher. There is no minimum version of Micro Edge required to connect to ETM Dashboard.
  • Registered account in ETM Dashboard. You can create an account here.
  • Connect to ETM Dashboard option in NG Firewall must be enabled. You can find this option in Config > System > Support.

ETM Dashboard is a free service. However, for full functionality your appliance must be assigned a subscription. Features that require an appliance subscription include Policies, Alerts, Reports, and Networks

Adding an appliance to your ETM Dashboard account

You can add both NG Firewall and Micro Edge appliances to ETM Dashboard: Adding Edge Threat Management appliances to ETM Dashboard.

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