What are the Edge Threat Management Support policies?

Edge Threat Management support is available to customers who have purchased a Live Support subscription (included in our NG Firewall Complete package).

If you do not have a Live Support subscription we recommend visiting our various online self-help pages:

  • Forums - Our forums are a great resource. You can find the forums at http://forums.edge.arista.com/.

  • Wiki - Our Wiki site is another great resource, full of information - including links to all of our products’ store pages, user forums, and FAQs. Our Wiki site is located at http://wiki.edge.arista.com/index.php/Main_Page. (Don't let the name fool you: the Wiki is not publicly editable and is maintained entirely by Edge Threat Management staff.)

  • Support Page - Customers can also access the Edge Threat Management support portal at http://support.edge.arista.com, where they will be able to view our knowledgebase articles and solutions.  


Support Tickets

Support tickets can be generated a number of ways. Users can submit a ticket by doing any of the following:

  • Using the “Support” link on the top right-hand side of the page at edge.arista.com
  • Use the "Help" widget in the bottom right corner of the page at edge.arista.com
  • Visiting http://support.edge.arista.com
  • Emailing the Support team at
  • Calling (866) 233-2296 and pressing option “2” for Support
  • Support widget in the top right corner of the NG Firewall Admin interface


Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday 8 AM-6 PM Eastern Time

  • We are closed for the following holidays:
    • New Year’s Day*
    • Presidents Day
    • Memorial Day*
    • Juneteenth*
    • Independence Day*
    • Labor Day*
    • Thanksgiving & Black Friday
    • Christmas Eve* & Christmas Day*
    • New Year’s Eve*

*typically observed on the following Monday, if the holiday occurs on a weekend



Response Times:
We're only able to respond to support requests during our normal hours of operation. Responses are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Our median first-response time for support tickets not generated via phone call is 2 business hours. Our average hold time is 60 seconds.

NOTE: We cannot control phone call volume so we cannot guarantee hold times. There may be times that you may be holding for longer than a minute. 



Supported Products:

Arista Edge Threat Management Support covers:

  • NG Firewall software for the current and previous minor version release. Minimum supported version is 16.6.2 as of October 2023.
  • Micro Edge software for the current and previous minor version release. Minimum supported version is 4.3 as of May 2024.
  • Your Edge Threat Management hardware, if it was purchased or leased from us.

We do not support or offer recommendations for 3rd-party hardware. Below is a link to an article in our wiki outlining the Hardware requirements to run NG Firewall. This can be used as a reference when sourcing your own hardware.



Assistance with Customizing NGFW

There are several parts of the NGFW software that offer the end user options to customize how our software works. While we absolutely encourage our customers to take advantage of this, we are somewhat limited in our ability to assist with it. Our software is quite complex and our Support team, while experts in NGFW software, are not experts in what may be required to customize our software.


We will make every reasonable effort to assist with the creation of custom reports. However, it must be noted that our Support team are not SQL experts and are also limited to the confines of our software. There may be cases where a desired report just simply cannot be created. For additional information regarding our reports, please reference our wiki's Reports Section.

Captive Portal Capture Page:

The Capture page in the Captive Portal app is possibly the most customizable feature we offer. However, to do so requires an understanding of web programming languages like HTML, PHP, and/or Python. Our Support team is not trained in any of these languages so can only offer the most basic assistance, like uploading the custom page, or resetting if the new page does not work. For additional information regarding Captive Portal Custom Capture Page, please reference our wiki's Captive Portal Section.


Regarding CLI Administration:
Arista ETM Support staff are only able to support the software in its original, unmodified form.
CLI changes may alter or compromise functions and may impact our ability to troubleshoot. If the software has been significantly modified, we may be unable to troubleshoot at all: in that case, we can only be able to recommend you reinstall.

NG Firewall is based on Debian Linux and as such, it's possible to install third-party packages or utilities to it. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk: we cannot offer any assistance in installing or troubleshooting third-party packages


Frequently Asked Questions

What do the case statuses mean?

New - The case has been created but an agent has not replied yet

Open - The case is currently being worked

Pending - We are waiting for a reply from the customer

On Hold - We are waiting for a time to troubleshoot or verify if an ongoing issue is resolved

Solved - Issue has been resolved


Why did my case close automatically?

After 5 business days of a case being in a ‘Pending’ status, the ticketing system will automatically close the case in question if there have been no replies/updates to the case.


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