Adding Edge Threat Management appliances to ETM Dashboard


You can remotely manage and access your NG Firewall and Micro Edge appliances by adding them to your ETM Dashboard account. If the appliance is online but not configured, you can add the appliance based on its serial number by a process referred to as Zero Touch Provisioning. Alternatively, if you do not know the serial number, you can add the appliance by its UID.

Adding an appliance

To add an appliance in ETM Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Appliances.
  2. Click Add Appliance.
  3. Enter the UID or Serial Number of the appliance and click Continue.
  4. If the device is online and not associated to an account, you can configure the essential settings. See the table below for a description of each item.
  5. You can assign a subscription to this appliance if your account has one available.
  6. You can also push a Template or Policy to the appliance from this screen.
  7. Review the terms of the license agreement and confirm your consent.
  8. Click Add Appliance to finish the setup.
Appliance Property Description
Admin password The credentials that you wish to use for local administration via the web administration in case you are not connecting via ETM Dashboard remote access.
Admin email The email address you wish to use for receiving alerts and reports. This defaults to your ETM Dashboard account email address.
Install type The type of installation to ensure your experience is tailored to the install type.
Time zone The local time zone of the appliance to ensure accuracy of events, reports, and other time specific configuration. 
Label The label helps you identify this appliance.
Hostname The unqualified part of your Internet hostname. For example "gateway". This is used on local networks to identify the device.
Domain name The domain part of the Internet hostname. For example "". This is the qualified part of your internet hostname that is combined with the hostname to associate the fully qualified domain name in case this device needs to be recognized by other Internet based devices.
Location This is the geographic location of the appliance that helps you identify the appliance. Appliance locations appear on the dashboard map widget.
Wi-Fi region

The country in which this appliance is located. This is necessary to ensure compliance with regulations regarding Wi-Fi bands & frequencies.

This option only appears on Wi-Fi enabled hardware.

Subscription If you have an available software subscription in your account you can associate it to the device. If you skip this option, you can associate a subscription at a later time in the Subscriptions area of your account.
Template Configuration If you have a master appliance with a template configuration you can apply this template as part of the initial setup of the device.

NOTE: If the appliance is already registered to another account, it will need to be removed from the old account before proceeding. Click Here for instructions on how to remove an appliance from your account. 

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