Upgrading an appliance subscription


You can upgrade your software subscriptions from ETM Dashboard. For example, if you need to add users or convert to a NG Complete subscription. Before upgrading your subscription, make sure your billing information is accurate. See How to Update Billing / Shipping Address for details

To upgrade your subscriptions:

  1. Login to ETM Dashboard.
  2. Click My Organization in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the Subscriptions.  
  4. Check the box for each subscription(s) to upgrade. Note: you’ll only be able to update one Complete package subscription at a time.
  5. Click the Upgrade button. 
  6. Fill in the relevant information to upgrade your subscription and click Review. upgrade_subscription_step_1.png

  7. Review the upgrade charges and payment method and click Upgrade. 

  8. You’ll receive a message that the subscription was successfully upgraded.
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