How do I pass a website blocked by Web Filter?

Sometimes you may want to pass a website that is blocked by a category block in Web Filter. For example, you have blocked Social Media, but want to allow Facebook. This will require a Pass Site entry.

  1. Go to Apps > Web Filter > Pass Sites

  2. Enter the site you would like to pass here, but without the http:// or www prefix.  A sample entry for YouTube would be **.  


Keep in mind this only works for websites that are blocked by Web Filter. Sites blocked by Web Filter will show you the block page, usually with an Edge Threat Management NG Firewall logo on it. If you are not seeing this block page when trying to access the site, the site is being blocked by something other than Web Filter and creating a Pass Site rule for it will not allow the site to pass. Other common apps that can block access to websites include Application Control, Virus Blocker, and Ad Blocker.

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