How do I manually tag devices?


NG Firewall provides a tags feature, which can be anything you'd like to use to "label" a device. Perhaps it's a wireless device with no username - you could tag the device's MAC address with "wi-fi device", for example. Once entered and saved, tags can be used to direct traffic through specific policies, to block/allow web content, and much more. 

Tagging devices manually

You can manually place tags on your devices from the Devices table. You can access this table from the upper right-hand corner of your GUI:



From the Devices table you will place, or remove, your tags by clicking in the Tags column: 

You can add as many tags as you would like to a particular device by clicking the Add button along the bottom of the small pop-up window. From this same window, you are able to set the expiration time, as well as delete a particular tag:

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