How do I block specific file types?


Using Web Filter, you can block specific file types. 

Note that you must have SSL Inspector enabled and configured to inspect the site(s) in question. Without SSL Inspector, Web Filter cannot see the file extension.

  1. Go to Apps > Web Filter > Rules.
  2. Here, you can create rules to block file types by using conditions for "HTTP: Request File Extension" and "HTTP: Response File Extension". 
    • Due to the way information is delivered by a website after it is requested, it is best to create two rules, each rule using one of the two condition types above. 
    • Do not place both conditions in one rule; use a separate rule for each condition.
  3. Add the file type(s) you wish to block without a period. If you are adding multiple file types separate them with a comma and no spaces.
    Example: If you want to block any files with .exe you would add exe as the value in the rule.

  4. For Action, choose Block.


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