Why is my NG Firewall device showing offline?


If you sign into ETM Dashboard and you see that your NG Firewall appliance is grayed out, it's likely that it cannot connect to ETM Dashboard. Some things to check:

  1. Verify you are running version 16.5.2 or higher. Earlier versions cannot connect to ETM Dashboard and will need to be upgraded.
  2. If NG Firewall is not the edge device in your network, ensure that whatever is upstream is providing completely unfiltered & unrestricted outbound access to NG Firewall's public IP. Any kind of upstream filtration, proxying, &c., can cause communication to ETM services to fail.
  3. Verify internet connectivity from NG Firewall: go to Config > Network > Troubleshooting and run the Connectivity Test to ensure NG Firewall can reach the internet. You may also use the Ping Test to try and reach an external resource, such as Google DNS (


  1. Refresh the Appliance page in ETM Dashboard without cached contents (usually Ctrl + F5).

  2. On the NG Firewall itself, go to Config > System > Support and ensure that 'connect to ETM Dashboard' is checked. If it is currently checked, un-check it and click Save at the bottom right-hand corner, then re-check it and save again.

  3. On the NG Firewall itself, click the silhouette icon at the top right-hand corner and select Account Settings. This will bring you to the ETM Dashboard login page. Log in as normal, then try refreshing the Appliances page.

  4. Log out of ETM Dashboard, manually clear your browser's cache, and close all browser windows. Next, open a new browser window, head back to https://launchpad.edge.arista.com, and log back in.

Verify DNS settings

If none of the above suggestions work, it may be that the DNS server specified in the NG Firewall can't correctly resolve ETM Dashboard's URL. Go to Config > Network > Interfaces and edit the WAN interface with the lowest eth value (usually eth0). If your DNS server settings are private or provided by your ISP, try changing those values to Google's DNS servers: and Save the change, then log back into ETM Dashboard from the NG Firewall as outlined in step #3 above.

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