About ETM Dashboard Organizations


Your ETM Dashboard account may be invited to other ETM Dashboard accounts and given permission to manage Edge Threat Management appliances or subscriptions owned by the inviting account. This additional account access is called an Organization.

Creating your Organization

An Organization is automatically created for a ETM Dashboard account once that account has been linked with another account. To invite another account as a user on your account, follow this process: Managing ETM Dashboard users. The invited account is added to the master account automatically, but will not see the Organization until their next log in. (If that account is logged in at the time you send the invitation, that account can simply log out of ETM Dashboard and back in.)

ETM Dashboard Organizations and Two-Factor Authentication

If your ETM Dashboard account requires two-factor authentication to log in, all users invited to manage your account will also be required to complete a two-factor authentication challenge to access your account.


Viewing your Organization

Additional accounts you have access to are listed under the My Account > Organizations drop-down. You can click on any account listed in the Organizations list to switch to that account. The account you are currently managing is listed at the top, under Current Organization.

Your primary account is shown with a blue silhouette icon, while other accounts you are able to access have a white or grey icon.


Managing your Organization

To manage Organization details, click My Account > Organizations > Manage. You will see all accounts you have permissions to access, including your primary account. Each pane contains some information about each account.

Click the Manage button to switch to that account.

If you would like to set a default account to manage when you log into your ETM Dashboard account, click the Set As Default button. To remove the "default" state, click Clear Default.

You can remove your account from another Organization via the Leave Organization button.


Managing other accounts

While managing a different account, your permissions are determined by the Account Management and Permitted Appliances settings determined by the master account.

  • You will have complete management access, including Remote Access, to any appliance which has been permitted to your account. If this has been set to "All current and future appliances", you can manage any appliance on the master account.
  • Your level of access to account details depends on the Account Management setting:
      • Disabled allows the invited account to access appliances only. It cannot access any configuration about the master account, including subscriptions.
      • Read-only allows the invited account to view some account details, but not make any changes.
      • Full Access allows the invited account to manage billing, partner information, subscriptions, and invoices as though it were the master account.

Deleting an Organization

An Organization can't be deleted, as it is the result of having users invited to your account. However, if you remove all invited users from your account in My Account > Users, the Organization will also be removed and disappear from your account.

A user can also remove themselves from an Organization via the Leave Organization button found in the Manage Organization section of their own account.


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