Setting up traffic shaping in Micro Edge


Micro Edge supports Traffic Shaping to define the priority of various network traffic types. By prioritizing network traffic based on various criteria, you can optimize Internet connectivity and the quality of applications that use real-time communication. For example: prioritizing Skype calls, while throttling ("de-prioritizing") Spotify. 



Enabling QoS on WAN interfaces

In order to use WAN Policies which refer to WAN bandwidth, we must first enable QoS on any WAN interfaces those policies will use.

Go to Settings > Network > Interfaces and edit your WAN. On the QoS tab, enter your WAN speeds. You can also use the Test Performance button to have Micro Edge test the WAN itself and automatically fill in appropriate values.



Traffic Prioritization
Traffic priorities consist of rules that process in order from top to bottom. Unlike other types of rules, all traffic shaping rules get evaluated for each session. A default prioritization rule named Default priority assigns Standard priority to all network traffic. Rules that prioritize specific traffic types such as DNS or VoIP should be added below the Default priority rule.

In other words, the last matching rule wins!

Prioritization levels:

Priority Value Description
Highest 1 The highest priority, generally advised for voice communication.
High 2 The second highest priority, generally advised for video communication.
Standard 3 The general priority for traffic that does not require priority.
Lowest 4 The lowest priority, generally reserved for less-important traffic types.


Example Rule: Prioritizing SIP-based VoIP
One of the most common types of traffic prioritization assigns the highest priority to SIP-based Voice Over IP traffic. SIP is a common protocol that sets up a VoIP session using an associated session for streaming of the audio. The following example assigns Highest priority to SIP traffic based on SIP as a matched application.

Tip: For best results, consider placing IP phones on a dedicated network so you can prioritize the entire phone network.

To set Voice Priority for SIP:

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Shaping.
  2. Click Add Rule.
  3. Enter a Description for your rule (e.g. "prioritize SIP").
  4. Add the Condition Application Name.
  5. Leave Inferred unchecked.
  6. From the Value drop-down, select SIP and click Add.
  7. Set the priority to Highest Priority.


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