Rebooting Edge Threat Management Appliances from ETM Dashboard


If you need to reboot an appliance remotely, you can do so via ETM Dashboard. You will have the option to reboot immediately or later, at a scheduled time.

Rebooting an appliance

  1. Go to the Appliances page and click the appliance you wish to reboot.
  2. Click the Reboot button at the top of the page:Reboot_Appliance_main_page.png

  3. A menu opens which enables you to schedule the reboot. You can click the Reboot Now button to reboot immediately, or select the date & time to schedule a reboot and click Set Schedule.

  4. Any scheduled reboots will appear in this menu. To cancel a pending reboot, choose the reboot(s) using the checkboxes and click Delete Selected.


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