Purchasing unlimited subscriptions for end-of-sale appliances


When a hardware appliance has reached its end-of-sale date, any subscriptions specific to that appliance are removed from our website, but they are still available to purchase. If your subscription has expired and needs to be re-initiated, you can purchase a new subscription via these links.

These subscriptions require an existing appliance of the appropriate model. For example, the "unlimited for z4" subscription can only be assigned to a z4 or z4w appliance. 

Note that this page does not constitute any change or exception to our end-of-sale policy: these appliances themselves are no longer available for purchase. 


Subscription links

Click the link to add the subscription directly to your Edge Threat Management shopping cart.

Unlimited for z4/z4w 

Unlimited for z4 Plus 

Unlimited for w4 

Unlimited for w8 

Unlimited for z6 

Unlimited for z12 

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