Managing Dynamic Blocklists in Micro Edge


Micro Edge's Dynamic Blocklists feature enables you to import lists of blocked IP addresses from external blocklists. Any IP addresses included in these lists will automatically be blocked.

These blocklists can be updated automatically, at intervals you determine.

Using this feature can streamline the process of blocking malicious IP addresses across multiple devices, as the central blocklist can be synchronized to many devices automatically.


The Dynamic Blocklists Enabled switch at the top of the page enables the Dynamic Blocklists feature.

The blocklist table lists all blocklists which have been configured. You can enter text into the Search here… field to filter the list, showing only entries which include the text you've entered.


The dot icon displays the status of the last sync attempt.

  • Green: last update successful
  • Red: last update failed
  • Grey: automatic synchronization is disabled
Enabled Checked entries are enabled and will be synchronized
Source Name The name of the list
Source URL The URL the list is drawn from
Polling Interval The interval at which the list is synchronized to Micro Edge
Count A count of the IP addresses included in the list as of its last sync
Last Updated

The date & time of the last successful sync


Adding a new source list

  1. Click Add Source.
  2. Enter a Name for your source. This is only used within Micro Edge, for your reference.
  3. The Enabled checkbox is checked by default. Any list with this checkbox disabled will not be synchronized.
  4. Add the list's source URL in the Polling Source box. You can check the Ignore SSL cert errors box to ensure the list is synchronized even if there are SSL certificate errors during the connection.
  5. Set a Polling Interval to configure how often the list should be synchronized.
  6. Choose a Parsing Method depending on the configuration of the source list:
    • Only the first IP in each line is used for a list which includes only a single IP per line or has additional information included per line
    • Every IP in each line is used for a comma-separated or colon-separated list or other similar format
    • Custom method (regular expression) enables you to set customized regex conditions when parsing the list
  7. Click Save to add your list.

Modifying a list entry

Hover over a given list and click the pencil icon at the right-hand side of the entry to edit the settings that list, or click the trash can icon to delete that list entry.

Click the Export icon to download a copy of the list.


Exporting a source list 

You can export the contents of a list to your management computer to review. Select the list(s) you would like to export and click the Export CSV button to download all selected lists.

Hovering over a single entry will reveal icons to the right-hand side: click Export CSV to sync only the list you're hovering over. (There is no difference between these options.)


Manual synchronization

Select the list(s) you would like synchronize by clicking the checkbox(es) at the left-hand side. Click the Download to Appliance button to initiate a sync. 

Hovering over a single entry will reveal icons to the right-hand side: click Download to Appliance to sync only the list you're hovering over. (There is no difference between these options.)


Reset to default

Click the Reset to Defaults button at the top right-hand corner to reset the Dynamic Blocklist feature to its factory default settings. This will remove all configured blocklists.

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