RMA procedure for Untangle NG Firewall Appliances

Before any Untangle NG Firewall appliances can qualify for an RMA, you must have already contacted Untangle Support and have them diagnose the issue as "hardware related". Please gather the following information:

  • First, retrieve a backup file for your NGFW from the store before this process begins. By the end of the RMA process, your backups will not be accessible from your store account.

  • Capture the serial number from a sticker on your appliance. It should be 10 characters/numbers in length.

    • Depending on age of the appliance, look for a number formatted similar to the following:
  • Provide the shipping address that you would like Untangle to send the replacement unit to, including a contact phone number in case any issues arise with the delivery.

  • RMAs covered under warranty are shipped 2nd day. Expedited shipping is available upon request; you will be charged the difference in price for expedited shipping service.  


Please be aware of the following:

  • Shipping deadlines are not set by Untangle but rather the carrier. Limitations may apply.

  • All appliances purchased come with a 1-year standard warranty with the option to purchase a 3-year extended warranty at the time the hardware is purchased. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO EXTEND THE WARRANTY AFTER INITIAL PURCHASE!

  • In most cases, the support technician will have you attempt to reinstall NG Firewall software and is required prior to RMA approval.

  • International shipments and RMAs are subject to additional conditions. Please review the Refund & Return Policy.


For more information on the Hardware Warranty and RMA process please review our Refund & Return Policy.

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