Troubleshoot throughput through NG Firewall

Let's say you have just deployed NG Firewall, you've noticed your throughput slow down to a crawl. There are several things that could cause this kind of behavior and we'll do our best to pinpoint them here:

  1. Go to Config > Network > Advanced > QoS. Make sure that your bandwidth values are accurate. If the values are too high or too low, you will notice throughput issues.

  2. Go to Config > Network > Advanced > Network Cards and make sure that the duplexing settings are set correctly on your interfaces. If your interfaces are all set to auto-negotiate your duplexing setting and you see that it auto-negotiated to half-duplex, then you may have a cabling issue on your hands. Try using a crossover cable if you have a router upstream. If not, simply change the straight through cable out for another one. Please see article: Duplexing Issues.

  3. If the first two items did not resolve your throughput issues, the next best troubleshooting step would be to connect a laptop directly to the internal interface of your NG Firewall and run speed tests from that laptop. The reason this will be helpful is because it will ensure that no other users on the internal network are consuming the bandwidth. If it's getting the full speeds, take another step down into your network and benchmark it every step of the way until you find the bottleneck. The idea behind this troubleshooting step is the fact that if you're not able to get proper speeds near the edge of the network, there's no chance you'll see the bandwidth anywhere downstream.

  4. Disable Bandwidth Control on your rack and QoS all together and test your throughput again. If you're still experiencing a slowdown, then there may be something else causing the issue.

  5. Please feel free to contact support if the above steps do not work for you.

Here are some common units of measurement for measuring data/data transportation:

  • 1 megabyte/s = 8 megabit/s
  • 1 megabit/s = 128 kilobyte/s
  • 1 kilobyte/s = 8 kilobit/s


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