How can I learn more about NG Firewall or get help when I need it?

Documentation and general information about Untangle can be found on our wiki and our forums, as well as here at our knowledge base. If you're still having issues, feel free to open a ticket with Untangle Support - Live Support is a paid option.


Untangle Support is open Monday through Friday, 5am-5pm US Pacific Time, which is GMT -8. You can file an email case, click the Help button in the lower right corner of this page, or give us a call. If you're going to leave a voicemail, please include your name, phone number, UID, and a brief description of your problem and we'll get back to you. If you're calling internationally, please also leave an email address and the full country and area codes to use when returning your call.


Support Toll Free - +1.877.754.2986
Support Direct - +1.303.444.1600

International +1.408.598.4299
Australia: +61.2.9191.7458
Brazil: +55.11.3711.9278
Canada: +1.866.920.0791
Mexico: +52.33.4624.2961
New Zealand: +64.9.973.5893
South Africa: +27.10.500.1963
UK: +44.870.490.0619

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