Use time-based rules

This article will explain how to use Rules in the Policy Manager to move users or machines from one Policy to another based on the time of day. As a basic requirement you will need at least two Policies created in the Policy Manager.

Policies are created under the Policies tab of the Policy Manager. Detailed instructions for creating a Policy can be found here.

In this scenario we have a Work Hours Policy and the Default Policy . The goal is to have users on the Work Hours Policy between standard work hours of 8AM to 5PM. The rest of the time they will have the more lax, after-hours (Default) Policy.


  1. Go to Policy Manager > Rules, and click Add.
    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window.

  2. Give a Description similar to "Work Hours", then click Add Condition.

  3. For Type select "Time of Day", click in the Value box and a time range selection box will open.

  4. Select 08:00 - 17:00.

  5. If you only want this rule to apply to certain days of the week — such as Monday through Friday — click the Add Condition button again, otherwise skip to Step 7.

  6. For Type select "Day of Week" and check the appropriate days.

  7. If you only want this rule to apply to certain users or machines, click Add Condition again and select the appropriate Type and Value.
    • Username 
    • Directory Connector: User in Group
    • Host Hostname
    • Client MAC Address
    • Source Address

  8. Finally go to the Target Policy drop-down box and select the "Work Hours" Policy.

  9. Click Done and then Save in lower right corner to save changes.


Repeat for as many different time of day rules as you wish to apply. 

IMPORTANT: Rules are evaluated in order, so if a newly created rule isn't working make sure another rule above it isn't overriding the new rule and reorder as needed.



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