Troubleshooting "An upgrade process has been interrupted"


NG Firewall upgrades can be understood as two general processes: downloading upgrade packages and installing them. If either of these processes fails, NG Firewall will generate an admin alert noting that "An upgrade process has been interrupted". This article provides some basic troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve an interrupted upgrade without contacting the ETM Support team.

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Some things which do not constitute failed upgrades:

Failures during downloading

If the upgrade fails because NG Firewall could not download all required packages, typically the best option is to simply re-run the upgrade again at a later time. If an update was just recently released, it's possible that many other users are attempting to upgrade at the same time and our upgrade server is overwhelmed.

If NG Firewall is not at the edge of the network, verify that the network's edge device is not filtering or restricting NG Firewall's outbound traffic. If NG Firewall's is being filtered, it's likely that it cannot communicate with our upgrade server, causing downloads to fail.

There are many reasons why an upgrade might fail during the installation and not all of them can be resolved simply. Some common scenarios are detailed below.



These troubleshooting steps are performed on the NG Firewall command line interface, commonly abbreviated "CLI". If you are unfamiliar with the Debian Linux CLI, you may wish to contact the ETM Support team for assistance.


First troubleshooting step: dpkg repair

The most common cause of a failed upgrade is damaged or corrupted installation packages: the components of the NG Firewall system. To repair the existing installation, use:

dpkg --configure -a

This operation often generates a great deal of output. Once it is complete, try the upgrade process again. It should be able to complete.

If there is no output from this command, damaged packages are not the issue.


Fixes for specific NG Firewall versions or deployments

Stuck on 16.5.2

Run these two commands in order. Each numbered line is a single command.

  1. mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/untangle-vm.postinst /root
  2. dpkg --configure -a

Azure only: stuck on 15.0 or 15.1

This is extremely uncommon!

Run these two commands in order. Each numbered line is a single command.

  1. cat /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages > /var/lib/dpkg/available
  2. dpkg --configure -a
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