Configuring Bridged Interfaces in Micro Edge


Micro Edge version 6.0 supports LAN bridge interfaces: a single logical interface which overlays one or more physical LAN interfaces. The bridge interface can be referred to & interacted with directly, as any other interface in Micro Edge: it can be called in rules & configurations and so forth.

Note that adding a physical interface to a bridge overrides its ability to be configured individually: all its configuration options are inherited from the bridge interface itself. 


Adding a bridge interface

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network > Interfaces
  2. Click Add Interface and select Bridge
  3. The Interface Enabled switch is enabled by default. Disable this toggle if you are creating an interface which is not yet in use.
  4. Give your interface a Name so you know what it's for.
  5. In the Bridged To drop-down, select one or more physical interfaces. Note that a physical interface can only be part of a single bridge interface at a time.
  6. The WAN Interface toggle cannot be enabled, as LAN bridges cannot contain or act as WAN interfaces. This option is informative only.
  7. In the IPv4 tab, configure the interface's details: its network address, netmask, and any aliases this interface will "own".
  8. If you will be using IPv6, you can configure those details in the IPv6 tab. These settings are optional.
  9. If this interface will receive DHCP requests, you can configure those settings (described below) in the DHCP tab.
  10. Click Save to finish creating your interface.

Once it has been saved, the new bridge interface appears in the LAN interfaces list. The Bridged attribute lists all physical LANs which are parented to the bridge interface.

Any child interfaces will display a Parent Bridge: attribute, noting which bridge they belong to.


Using a bridge interface in rules

You'll find the bridge interface is available for use in rule conditions such as Source Interface Zone:


Removing a bridge interface

To delete a LAN bridge, edit the bridge and click the Delete Interface button. Any child LAN will have its original configuration returned to it once the bridge has been removed.

If you have configured rules using this LAN bridge, you will receive a warning pop-up that those rules will be disabled. They are not deleted: they can be removed manually or left in case the bridge configuration is restored.

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