See recent admin logins & settings changes in the NG Firewall GUI


NG Firewall keeps reports of all changes made in its GUI as well as admin account logons. This enables you to track when changes were made as well as by whom.

Clicking Reports in the blue bar at the top of any page will bring up the Reports Viewer, with various sections and applications to navigate through on the left.

Viewing admin logins

Click the Administration category on the left. The Administration category expands, revealing the reports Admin Login Events.


This report will show you the time of any login attempt; the login/username; whether the login was local or remote; and the IP address that login was connected from.


Viewing all settings changes

The Report All Settings Changes notes any time a change was made & saved in NG Firewall. You can click the magnifying glass icon in the Differences column to see what was changed.

This will open a new menu comparing the previous settings on the left-hand side with the current settings on the right-hand side. 

A change highlighted in green indicates that a setting or value was added to the NG Firewall:

A yellow highlight indicates a change to an existing setting:

A red highlight indicates that a setting was removed or disabled.


By default this report will show you the last 24 hours of activity. Click the Since drop-down at the top of the Reports viewer to change it to show a longer period. For more instructions on setting a time range, click here to view our Reports FAQ.



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