Integrating Config Backup with Google Drive

NG Firewall offers the ability to have the daily backups sent to your Google Drive account. First, you'll need to connect your NG Firewall to your Google Drive: Setting up the Google Connector

Now that your appliance is integrated with your Drive, we can set up the daily backups to be sent there. In Apps > Configuration Backup > Google Connector, place a check mark in the box labeled "Upload to Google Drive". The Google Drive Directory field can be used to specify a folder the Backups should be placed in to.  


Now you will have backups sent to your Google Drive as well as to your ETM Dashboard account!

For help using Google Drive Connector with Reports data, please see this article: Storing Report Data on Google Drive

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    My backups wouldn't upload to Google Drive until I manually created the folder in Drive and removed the space in the folder name. The events for Backups showed it was successful, but I couldn't see any files until I did those two things.

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