Bandwidth Control: Quotas and the Penalty Box


Do you have misbehaving users on your network that you'd like to punish? Here's how to do so using Bandwidth Control and creating three simple rules: assign a quota to a user, assign the user to the penalty box when the quota is met, and assign an action to the penalty boxed users such as a much lower bandwidth priority.

First, navigate to Apps > Bandwidth Control > Rules. Click Add to create a new rule.

Rule 1: Assign Quota

The first rule you will want to create is a rule assigning a quota to a user. Quotas make users think about their browsing choices. In the rule below, a quota of 512 MB is being assigned and will expire at the end of the day.




Rule 2: Send user to penalty box when quota is exceeded

Next, create a rule that assigns an action to the user once the quota is met. In the rule below, any user who exceeds the 512 MB daily quota will be tagged with penalty-box for one hour.


Rule 3: Assign Penalty Box Action

Finally, create a rule assigning an action when the user is in the penalty box. In the rule below, any user with the tag penalty-box has their bandwidth lowered significantly.


For more on QoS priorities:


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