Steps to take when reinstalling the NGFW software


Changing or upgrading hardware and now you need to do a fresh install of the Edge Threat Management NG Firewall software?

These are the steps you should take. Please note that the reinstall must be completed in-person, with physical access to the hardware you're installing onto. (You cannot reinstall remotely.) We recommend having a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected to the hardware while reinstalling.

  1. Create a Configuration Backup of your custom settings and rule sets
    Managing backup configurations in ETM Dashboard

  2. Download and install the software
    Creating a bootable USB installer for Edge Threat Management products

  3. Add UID to the account
    Adding appliances to ETM Dashboard

  4. Transfer your subscription(s) to the new UID
    How to transfer a subscription to another appliance

  5. Restore the Configuration Backup
    Managing backup configurations in ETM Dashboard
    You can also restore the backup file via the NG Firewall UI: How to restore a backup file to your NG Firewall
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