Accessing the Micro Edge Admin UI


This article describes each of the multiple ways to access Micro Edge's administrative UI to manage its configuration. There is no functional difference between these approaches: the UI is the same no matter how you access it.


Direct configuration in ETM Dashboard

Micro Edge can be configured directly in ETM Dashboard without needing to connect remotely to the appliance. Click Appliances > [desired MFW] and its config options will be available to edit & save.

Note that this option is only available for appliances running Micro Edge 6.0 or higher and which have a current subscription.


Remote Access from ETM Dashboard

The Appliances page for Micro Edge has a Remote Access button which, when clicked, will connect remotely to Micro Edge and automatically load its admin GUI.


Local access via physical LAN interface IP

When connected to Micro Edge via a network cable & management computer, you can access the admin GUI via the interface's IP address. For example, the default IP address associated with the LAN 1 interface is 


Console access via console connection cable

This method is uncommon! More details here: Managing appliances via serial console

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