How to view more detail for a graphical report

Often as an admin, you only need a graphical representation of data to get a feel for what is happening on your network. However, in the event that something is wrong you need to be able to dig into the details being reported to figure out the source of trouble. NG Firewall's reporting provides a means to see the details of a graphical report through the use of filter conditions.
To illustrate how to use filter conditions to get a more detailed view of data, let's look at the following example:
You've noticed an increase in traffic for YouTube under Application Control/Top Application in the Dashboard. It's not currently blocked but it's never been an issue before. Now you want to know if there are specific users that are using it more than they should be.
  1. Load the Top Application by size report by clicking the menu icon in the top-right corner of the widget.

  2. Select Open in Reports

  3. In the Condition menu at the top left-hand corner, click Add and select More conditions...​​

  4. From the "sessions" table, select "Application (Application Control)", then click Add Column. In the value field type in "YOUTUBE".

    Click Apply.

  5. The report will reload to apply the condition, showing only results that match this criterion.

  6. The true benefit of using Conditions is that they carry between reports. Switch to the Application Control All Sessions report via the menu of reports on the left-side of the screen. It will load pre-filtered to only show you YouTube traffic.

  7. From here you can sort the report by Hostname, Client IP address, or even user to get a better feel for the data presented.



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