How to use Capture Rules in Captive Portal

Captive Portal can be very versatile in regards to what traffic is captured and what is ignored. With properly configured Capture Rules you can provide very focused messaging or enforce strict usage policy via the Captive Portal.

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Click the Captive Portal app

  3. Go to the Capture Rules tab 

  4. Click Add

    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window.

  5. ​Enter a description

  6. Click Add Condition

  7. ​There are many Condition options that you can choose from:

  8. ​Let's look at an example for creating a rule to capture traffic. In the image below we are capturing specific IP addresses.
    • Add a condition for Source Address
    • In the value field enter the IPs you want captured. Sample valid syntax is provided in the image:
      • Multiple values are always comma separated with no spaces.
      • The first value (highlighted green) shows how to specify a range
      • The second value (highlighted yellow) shows a single IP value
      • The third value (highlighted blue) shows CIDR notation for entire IP subnets
    • Set the Action Type to "Capture"


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