Why do I keep getting low disk space alerts?

Whether you are regularly running low on disk space or you are seeing this alert for the first time, your next step will depend on how urgent the situation is. 


If you have less than ~5% disk space available:

A. If you have command line access to the NG Firewall, you should attempt to run this script.

WARNING: All reports data will be lost.

B. If you do not have command line access to the NG Firewall, you will need to contact Support immediately via the contact information at the bottom of this page.


If you feel that you have enough space to make it until the next morning, reduce the number of days that you are storing your reports on your NG Firewall.

Go to Apps > Reports > Data. In the "Data Retention days" reduce that number. How much you need to reduce it depends on many variables. You will need to make an educated guess based on your knowledge of your network and your environment.

Things to take into account are:

  • size of your hard drive
  • number of users being filtered by NG Firewall
  • how many days are currently stored on your drive
  • how much space you need to free up on your drive

This article contains a number of other changes you can make to reduce the amount of disk space your NG Firewall uses: Keeping Hard Drive Consumption Low

If you are unable to store as many days of reporting on the NG Firewall as you would like to, there's good news! You can configure Google Drive Backup so that the NG Firewall will upload one day of reporting every day. Here is more information on configuring Google Drive Backup.

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