Bridging WiFi interface to LAN interface


In this day and age wireless internet connections are a must. From iPads, cell phones and laptops to refrigerators, TVs and thermostats, most things can be and are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

You can bridge your NG Firewall's Wi-Fi interface to its internal/LAN interface to simplify management. This allows both wired & wireless devices to use the same IP subnet, DHCP settings, gateway settings, and DNS server settings.

Bridging the wireless interface

Navigate to Config > Network and Edit the Wireless interface.

Select the Config Type "Bridged" and choose the LAN interface to bridge to. This will be the interface you want the Wi-Fi network to share settings with.

On the Wireless Configuration tab, configure the SSID options. Click Done and Save when you are finished and verify that you are able to connect to the SSID.

Be sure to select the appropriate Regulatory Country option for the country this NG Firewall is based in. This is necessary to ensure compliance with regulations on Wi-Fi frequencies and bands.



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