Managing Alert Rules


Your ETM Dashboard account includes several default alert rules to notify you about important events related to your appliances, subscriptions, and account.

For example, when an appliance in your account goes offline or when an infected computer is discovered on the network, an Alert Rule can trigger a notification.

Managing Alerts

  1. Log in to ETM Dashboard.
  2. Click the Alerts tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Alert Rules from the menu on the left pane.


Enabling default rules

All default rules are disabled to prevent excessive email notifications from ETM Dashboard. To enable a rule:

  1. Select a rule and click the Edit Alert Rule button.
  2. Set the rule status to Active.
  3. Confirm that your preferred notification profile is set and click Update.


Adding an alert rule

You can add alert rules by creating an alert rule from an event or you can add an alert rule manually. 

To manually add an alert rule:

  1. Click Add Alert Rule.
  2. Enter a Name for the rule.
  3. Specify the Rule. This is the text string the Alert Rule will look for in order to trigger the Alert. You can view some example text strings under the Events report in ETM Dashboard. Alternatively entering "*" (without quotes) will trigger on all events.
  4. Set the Status as Disabled or Active.
  5. Select your preferred notification profile and click Create.
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