Managing Notification Profiles


ETM Dashboard alert rules require a notification profile to send you alerts. The notification profile specifies how you want to receive alerts and how to present the information. You can manage notification profiles in Alerts > Notification Profiles.

Default Notification Profile

Your account in ETM Dashboard has a default notification profile that delivers alerts via email to the email address associated with your account. The default set of alert rules use this profile to send you alerts.


If you wish to change how you receive alerts, you can edit this profile by selecting the profile and clicking Edit Notification Profile.


Notification types

ETM Dashboard supports the following delivery services:

Email Standard email delivery to the email address you specify.
Slack Delivery via a Slack webhook.
Pagerduty Delivery via a Pagerduty webhook.
VictorOps Delivery via a VictorOps webhook.
Webhook Delivery via a custom webhook.
Untangle Go (Mobile) Delivery via Untangle Go mobile app.


Adding a Notification Profile

You can add notification profiles to receive alerts to other addresses or types of delivery services depending on the alert. After you add a notification profile you can configure alert rules to use the new profile.

To add a notification profile:

  1. Click Add Notification Profile.
  2. Specify a name and description.
  3. Select an action to define how you want to receive the alert. 
    • For an Email action:
      1. Specify a From address and the To, CC, and BCC addresses separated by commas. Note that only the From and To addresses are required.
      2. Enter a Subject and Body. The table above these values provides variables you can use in the message. Refer to the default notification profile as a formatting guide.

    • For a Slack action:
      1. Enter the endpoint URL of your app.

    • For a Pagerduty action:
      1. Enter the Routing Key you designate for ETM Dashboard notifications.
      2. Select a severity level.

    • For a VictorOps action:
      1. Enter the Endpoint URL you designate for ETM Dashboard notifications.
      2. Select a message type.

    • For a Webhook action:
      1. Enter the Endpoint URL you designate for ETM Dashboard notifications.
      2. Click Add Header and enter a name and value if your custom integration requires custom headers.
      3. Select an HTTP Method.

    • For a Mobile action:
      1. From the list under Mobile Configuration, select the Untangle Go app you would like to receive notifications in. If you have connected Untangle Go from multiple mobile devices, you will see a list of all available devices.

  4. Click Create


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