Regenerating the SSL Server Certificate on NG Firewall

If you are seeing an alert in SSL Inspector that there is missing information on the certificate, you will need to regenerate the server certificate to correct it.


NOTE: After following the steps in this article you will need to restart related services - IPSec and SSL Inspector - for the new certificate to take effect. 


  1. Go to Config > Administration > Certificates.

  2. At the bottom of this screen, click the button labelled Generate Server Certificate.

  3. You will have to fill out some information. "Common Name" and "Subject Alternate Names" are auto-filled, and you can leave "Organizational Unit" blank. Click Generate.

  4. The new certificate will appear in the box labelled "Server Certificates" along with the old one. Move the checkmarks in the boxes for HTTPS, SMTPS and IPSec from the old certificate to the new one and press Save at the bottom right.


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