What is the difference between the Firewall app and the OS?

Many people confuse NG Firewall's Firewall application as being the only firewall on the NG Firewall. However, the NG Firewall operating system IS a firewall.

NG Firewall's Debian kernel implements iptables to block all incoming traffic by default. This all happens at layer 3 of the OSI model. If NG Firewall is installed at the gateway of your network, we are your firewall.


The Firewall application is another layer of protection that can be used in addition to the layer 3 firewall, or if we are not installed at the gateway but rather being used as a content filter.

Because it runs at layer 7 of the OSI model, it can do much more than the layer 3 firewall can. At layer 7 we have a lot more information about the traffic that can be used to create rules to block, flag, or allow traffic.

The most common use for the Firewall application is Country code blocking.

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