Website miscategorized in Web Filter

Web Filter site categories are defined & maintained by a service called BrightCloud®: Edge Threat Management appliances just use their database, so we have no control over (or insight into) how a particular site is categorized. If you find a website is categorized incorrectly, you can use the 'Suggest a different category' option on the Site Lookup tab to submit a correction request.


You can also use this tool on BrightCloud's website to suggest a different category:

Those suggestions can take a few days to be reviewed, but it will likely result in the incorrect category being corrected.

The tabs along the top of the Web Filter app also apply in right-to-left order, you could set up a Pass Sites entry for the site in question, which would take precedence over the Category-level block on the site. It's a temporary fix, but it should take care of the issue.

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