Web history report for a specific user, host, or IP

Web Filter provides detailed data regarding your network users' browsing activity. However, often you only want to see the traffic for a specific user. Using Report Conditions you can easily modify the reports to show specific data.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Web Filter > All Events:

  2. Click the Add button a the top left corner of the reports next to "Conditions". Select the column for your desired filter condition. Enter the value in the empty field at the bottom of the drop-down.

  3. Click OK to confirm the filter. You should see the new filter condition in the top-left corner of the report and all results will be filtered to only show sessions matching your condition(s).


Once you've added a condition to filter the query to only show a specific user or device, you can look for specific events in the output of that query using the Filter field. You can also change the columns shown in the report and many other things to customize the output to meet your needs.

For details on these options see our Formatting and Search Tools for Reports article.




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