Formatting and search tools for Reports

There are many tools and features within NG Firewall's reporting to allow admins to customize reports to fit their exact needs.


Filter Search

At the top of every report is a "Filter" field. This is intended to allow you to filter the existing report query to only show the specified information. In the image below we have used the filter field to show Web Filter events for Facebook only.

 You can filter by any column data that is presented in the report.


Add / Remove Columns

The reports window displays several columns by default. Others can be uncovered by hovering over the column headers and clicking the caret (upside down triangle) that appears. From there hover over "Columns" and then select or deselect the ones you want.


Change Number of Returned Events

By default the Reports window displays the last 1000 events. This can be increased or decreased to help narrow or expand your search.


Date / Time Range

A range can be added to limit the events to a specific time period. 

There are several preset ranges to choose from in the drop down menu, or you can set a custom time range. Select Time Range... to bring up the calendar for the start and end times. Select a date and time under "Since", then if you want a different end time than "now", uncheck the "Now" option to enable the "Until" date and time.



Export Function

Reports can be exported to CSV format which is suitable for import into spreadsheet applications such as Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.

Export All Events exports all events for that report, ignoring any filters or global conditions. Export Displayed Events keeps the filters, displaying only the events currently shown in a filtered report.




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