Why does WAN Failover take so long to mark my connection as active?

Check the settings for your WAN Failover tests and you'll see three key values:

  • Testing Interval
  • Timeout
  • Failure Threshold


Pictured are the default settings. With this setup, WAN Failover will ping the specified IP address once every five seconds, consider a timeout to be 2000ms, and consider any three failures (out of ten) to mean the WAN is down. Conversely, it will need to see seven successes out of any ten to consider the WAN to be up; since it tests every five seconds, that will require at least 35 seconds.

Lowering your Testing Interval setting can bring your WAN back up more quickly, but do bear in mind that the Testing Interval can't be less than the Timeout setting or every test will time out, meaning your WAN will be marked as down permanently!

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