Why do Spam Blocker & Phish Blocker show 0 messages marked or passed?

Our Spam & Phish Blocker apps are only able to scan SMTP port 25 email traffic, so there are a number of reasons why they might not be scanning your email:

  • you do not have an on-premise email server
  • your email uses ports 110, 465, 587, 993, &c.
  • you're using web-based email (including Outlook/Exchange 365)
  • your email is encrypted via TLS

Additionally, bypassed devices are not subject to NG Firewall Apps (including Spam & Phish Blocker). If your email server or the device you're testing from are bypassed for any reason (including the automatic bypass for being over your license count), that traffic would not be scanned by Spam & Phish Blocker.

If Spam Blocker isn't able to read email, its Status page will look like this:

If you do have an email server on your premises and it's not scanning SMTP traffic, check settings in the Spam Blocker > Email tab to ensure Spam Blocker is scanning:

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