How do I block Spotify?

Blocking Spotify can be difficult, so here are the things we suggest:

  • Web Filter > Categories: block 'Streaming & Downloadable Audio' category
  • Web Filter > Block Sites: create entry surrounded in asterisks; as **
  • Web Filter > Advanced: enable all three 'process HTTPS traffic by SNI' rules at the top of the page
  • Firewall > Rules: create a block rule for port 4070, the default port used by the Spotify app:
  • Application Control > Applications: tarpit the SPOTIFY entry
  • Application Control > Rules: create a rule to tarpit anything involving, like this:


As many sites are encrypted via SSL, we do recommend installing and configuring SSL Inspector and ensuring the certificate is deployed to all client devices. (This will allow Web Filter to treat HTTPS sites as though they were HTTP sites.) If you have SSL Inspector running, you can also enable the 'block invalid HTTPS traffic' option, which might help:

Here's our Web Filter FAQ, which may have some more useful information for you:

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