Resetting Admin Password on NG Firewall


This process can be used to reset the admin account password on NG Firewall. This process is completed through the command line interface (CLI), meaning that it is an unsupported change. Caution is advised for any CLI administration of NG Firewall.

If you simply want to change the admin password to the NG Firewall, we recommend doing so in the GUI, under Config > Administration > Admin instead. 

Please note: this article is only valid for NG Firewall installations running kernel 4.19 or higher. (How can I tell which kernel I'm using?)


Reset Process

1. Reboot the NG Firewall.

2. When you see a black screen with "Waiting for UVM to boot." text, press CTRL+C on the keyboard.



3. This should give you a command prompt similar to what you see below:



4. Type the following command then press enter:
sudo rm -f /usr/share/untangle/settings/untangle-vm/admin.js

5. This will remove the current settings file that contains the admin credentials.

6. Type "reboot" and press enter to reboot the device.

7. Log into the client via the Launch Client button

Your username is now admin

Your password is now passwd

IMPORTANT: Immediately change your password once you have logged in!

VERY IMPORTANT: You will not be able to log into Terminal until after you change the admin password in the UI.


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