Creating Custom Email Alerts in NG Firewall


Though we have quite a few default Alert Events built into the NG Firewall, you may want to set up your own specific conditions for an email alert. Perhaps you want to receive an email when a particular website is accessed or a certain public IP address accesses an internal server via a Port Forward Rule.

Creating customized alerts

Navigate to Config > Events > Alerts and click Add Rule. Specify your conditions first.

For example, if you want a notification when a user opens the YouTube app, it would look like this:



Minimizing repeat alerts

Make sure to set your limit send frequency option. In the case of the rule above, if the user was using the app over and over you would continuously receive alerts.

Creating thresholds

You can also set up thresholds for the events to trigger. If you only wanted to know if a user accessed a specific website 10 times in a minute for instance, you would check the Enable Thresholds option and specify the minimum number of events.


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