Installing Micro Edge VDI on Oracle VirtualBox

Step 1. Download the virtual disk image

Download the Micro Edge Virtual Disk Image (VDI).

Step 2. Create the virtual machine

  1. Run VirtualBox and select New.
  2. Give your new install a name, e.g. Micro Edge.
  3. Select Type=Linux and Version=Oracle 64 bit.
  4. Under Memory size, accept the default value of 1024 MB and click Continue.
  5. Under Hard disk, select Use an existing virtual hard disk file.
  6. Select the .vdi file you downloaded.
  7. Click Create.

Step 3. Configure networking

  1. Select your new virtual machine and click Settings.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Enable Adapter 1 and Adapter 2.
  4. In Adapter 1, set Attached to Host-only adapter.
  5. In Adapter 2, set Attached to Bridged Adapter and choose the network adapter that connects the host system to the Internet.
  6. Click Ok.

Step 4. Access the virtual machine

  1. After you create the virtual machine, click Start to launch to operating system.
  2. Allow approximately 1 minute for the system to boot, then click in to the virtual machine to access the system.
  3. Change your host machine virtual interface IP to address.


  4. You can access the web administration from your host computer by going to in your web browser.

Note: As your host machine changes its external IP address, Oracle VirtualBox needs to refresh the address of the VM network that Micro Edge is using. If the web administration is not accessible after moving the host machine to a new network, revisit Step 3. Changing the IPv4 address to something else and then back to will ensure that Oracle VirtualBox is refreshed and the Micro Edge administration is available on

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