Configuring the Micro Edge setup wizard


Micro Edge includes a setup wizard to guide you through the initial configuration.

You can access the setup wizard from the local network, or if you have an eSeries appliance you can access the setup wizard through ETM Dashboard via Zero Touch Provisioning.

Important: Before configuring the setup wizard, make sure the WAN interfaces of your Micro Edge device are attached to the Internet.

From ETM Dashboard

  1. Locate the serial number on bottom of your eSeries appliance.
  2. Log in to ETM Dashboard and navigate to the Appliances screen.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the serial number of your appliance and click Add.
  5. If your Micro Edge device is not configured, you can proceed to the Setup Wizard.

From the Local Network

To access the setup wizard from the local network, connect your management computer to one of the LAN ports of your Micro Edge device and go to in your browser. If your Micro Edge has wireless capability, you can connect to the default wireless network named Untangle using the password 12345678.

Step 1. License Agreement

Review the License Agreement and click Agree.


Step 2. System

On the System step, enter credentials for your local admin account and set the time zone based on the physical location of your Micro Edge device.



Step 3. WAN 

On the WAN step, review the status of your WAN interfaces and confirm the network configuration. Click the Refresh button to get the current state of your WAN interfaces, or click Renew IP to get a new IP address from your Internet service provider. If your ISP requires a static IP address or uses PPPoE, select the associated option and enter the parameters for your connection. Once you confirm that your WAN connection is online, click Continue.



Step 4. LTE

If you have the e6wl or Q6EWL appliance, the wizard presents an LTE configuration step. Select your Network provider and click Continue.

Important: For successful LTE connectivity you must install your SIM card before powering on the appliance. See Configuring the LTE connection for more instructions on SIM card installation.  



Step 5. WiFi

If your Micro Edge device supports WiFi, configure parameters for your wireless network. For more information on the wireless configuration refer to Configuring Network Interfaces.



Getting Started

Once you have completed all of the steps, you are directed to the Dashboard to fine tune your configuration and review the status of your Micro Edge device.

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