Rebooting is Not Recommended


Many users will reboot their NG Firewall device when an issue occurs, or some odd and unexpected behavior happens on their network. However, rebooting is almost never a solution to these issues, and can cause even more issues if the device is constantly rebooted or rebooted as a solution to a problem. It will also create issues when contacting the Support team for troubleshooting, as rebooting can cause log errors, history errors, and other tools that we use when looking into an issue. Some users report that an issue is resolved after a reboot. However, it is more likely that the problem is waiting to arise again, which will create an issue where it is believed that only rebooting will fix it.

These ideas are common in the world of Windows systems, as they are constantly rebooted as a troubleshooting step, for updates, for program installations and changes, etc. However, this is not the case for Linux/Unix systems. You should only reboot the device when it's recommended by the Support team, or if the Edge Threat Management software itself states that you should (such as changing the time zone on the device).


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