How to restore a backup file to your NG Firewall

Sometimes it's necessary to restore your configuration from a backup, which we've tried to make as simple as possible. Here's the process you'll follow:

  1. Move your backup file to a computer; don't place it on a USB drive. (You won't be able to restore from a USB drive plugged into the NG Firewall appliance.)

    It will be in .backup format if you downloaded the file directly from Config > System > Backup or .tar.gz format if you downloaded it from ETM Dashboard. If it's a .tar.gz file, don't unzip it.

  2. Log into the NG Firewall GUI from the computer where you've placed the backup file.

  3. Go to Config > System > Restore:

  4. The drop-down menu has two options:
    1. Restore all settings will restore every setting from the backup file.
    2. Restore all except keep current network settings will restore all settings other than the ones in Config > Network. This is useful if you're just restoring application settings.

  5. Click Restore from File. This will open a 'select file' prompt where you can select your backup file:

  6. You'll see a small prompt noting the backup file is being uploaded & processed. When it's done, you'll get a 'backup completed' pop-up; click Okay and you're all done!
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