Viewing events in ETM Dashboard


You can view logs of events in the Alerts section of ETM Dashboard. The logs include:

  • Audits
  • Alerts
  • Notifications

Audit History

The Audit History reports ETM Dashboard activities such as logins or configuration changes to appliances. This is useful for example if you allow other users to manage appliances in your account and you need to audit their activities. 

Alerts Received

The Alerts Received log reports activities from Edge Threat Management appliances connected to your account. For example, when an appliance disconnected or upgraded automatically. 

Alerts provide important information that may require immediate attention. Therefore, you can create rules to receive alerts to your email, Slack, or Untangle Go app, for example. More details are available in Managing Alert Rules.

Viewing_Alerts.pngNotification Log

The Notification Log reports when each alert message and via which notification profile. This is useful to confirm whether your account is sending alerts and if they are delivered successfully. 


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