Can I use more than one IP address per rule?


A common question is "can I create rules that have more than one IP address each?" Yes, you can!

Using multiple IP addresses

There are three ways to use multiple IP addresses in a rule, as long as you don't have more than 15 values/entries in a single rule. (You can have as many rules as you want, however.)

  1. Individual, non-consecutive IPs can be listed with commas and no spaces:,,
  2. A range of IPs can be specified by using a dash:
  3. An entire subnet can be listed in CIDR notation:

A note on what counts as "one IP address" in this context

Each IP address you type into the field is considered one address against the "no more than 15" rule. Using the above examples, #1 counts as three IP address entries; #2 counts as two IPs; and #3 counts as one IP.

Therefore, you can use a range or subnet that includes more than 15 individual IP addresses.

Combining methods

You can even combine any or all of these methods in one rule. For example, this Bypass Rule is valid:


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