OpenVPN Over IPsec

In order to allow OpenVPN connected clients to reach IPSec VPN connected network resources, you will need to make two specific configuration entries:

NOTE: Generally, this will require an IKEv2 tunnel configuration, as IKEv2 supports multiple subnets, where IKEv1 does not.

The first is to add the OpenVPN network to your local network configuration through your IPsec tunnel. For example, if your OpenVPN network subnet is (you can find under Apps > OpenVPN > Server), you will need to add that specific entry to your Local Network entry in your IPsec tunnel. The example below shows this entry to your IPsec tunnel with comma separation:



The second entry required is to add the remote network to your Exported Networks list under Apps > OpenVPN > Server > Exported Networks. In this example, we are using the network of for the remote network in the IPsec tunnel:





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